With an idyllic location on Vietnam’s culturally rich central coast,

Hoi An Local Villa is nestled amidst an immense palm forest and natural waterways of Cam Thanh Coconut Village.

The Villa is positioned strategically in the countryside within a short ride between the sandy stretch of tranquil beaches and Hoi An ancient town – UNESCO World Heritage Site,

an exceptionally well-preserved former trading port.


Our Villa offers 14 well-appointed rooms with direct natural light overlooking the surrounding lush green mangrove ecosystem.

Our internationally trained team aims to deliver beyond our guest’s expectations and is enthusiastic to share its kept secrets of the city’s best escapades.


Hoi An is a hub for leisure and pleasure with a contagious energy. From its strategic spice trade history, its discernible foreign-influenced architecture,

its unique biosphere reserve, its vibrant food scene, its reputation as the center for the culture and the arts, its relaxing tropical beaches to its bucolic villages,

and most importantly, the kindliness of its inhabitants will charm every journeyer.

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